Vik Bansal Teaches Aussies How To Build A More Sustainable Future

The fact that in the Pacific Ocean, there exists a man-made island full of plastic bags and bottles is scaring. However, one man, Vik Bansal is encouraging his fellow citizens that the island, which is perhaps three times bigger than France can be removed finally. According to Vik, if people lived responsibly with regard to the use of recyclable products, we would not have such a huge chunk of plastic bottles and bags resting on the surface of the ocean. A recent study into the garbage revealed that currently, there could be over 1.8 trillion of such trash pieces lying on the ocean. While most of these are plastic, Vik Bansal says there could be others made of glass, metal, and fabric.

What worries Vik Bansal most is that there are high chances that these pieces man throws downstream as trash will finally come back to haunt mankind. Vik reasons, “When one throws a bottle or anything downstream, he or she does not care where the piece of trash lands. Surprisingly, this trash is swallowed and ingested by marine animals such as fish and finally we eat the fish from large water bodies. In the end, what we eat is what we threw downstream.”

Thankfully, Vik Bansal’s Cleanaway is one of those championing for a more sustainable future when it comes to garbage on the Pacific Ocean or any other large water body for that matter. Vik’s Cleanaway is not the only startup in the quest of ensuring a more sustainable ecosystem. Governments, the private sector, as well as other stakeholders, have joined hands to find ways of collecting the garbage from the Pacific Ocean and recycling it into something else. The Australian government alone, announced that by the end of 2020, it would allocate $134 million to go to the efforts of collecting and recycling the garbage from the Pacific Ocean.

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