Tom Chang MD: Ophthalmology as a Whole

The world of ophthalmology by Dr. Tom Chang MD´s Acuity Eye Group is Informative on all aspects of ocular health. Ophthalmology is so much more than just needing to fix blurry vision. He is Los Angeles leading ophthalmologist who teaches about all aspects of ocular health.  Tom Chang MD is the founder of multiple ophthalmologist sites along with his devoted team they educate on detection and prevention of eye disease. Dr. Chang informs on the history of ophthalmology. Records show surgeries were performed as early as 800 BC and early understanding about the eye was achieved by dissection by Aristotle. 


Other leading ophthalmologists around the world came upon structural parts of the eye once the ophthalmoscope was invented ocular diseases were recognized. Retina disease is just one of the many subspecialties that the specialized ophthalmologist Dr. Tom Chang MD´s Acuity Eye Group deals with. This is just a part of the complete ocular care which includes an extensive exam of checking the retina. Another subspecialty of Ophthalmology is oculoplastics.This is the reconstructive and plastic surgery of the eye. Dr. Tom Chang MD touches on the diversity of procedures. This has led to many patients having Clear Vision. 


Dr. Tom Chang, MD Equity Eye Group is leading the way in the future of ophthalmology. When working as an Ophthalmology Professor in the initial dozen years in academic medicine, Tom Chang MD established an eye care practice. He discovered that treating patients at Acuity Eye Group was his calling, and never relished lecturing or even writing papers. This was such a catapult in his life because these activities have defined him initially. At the university, Tom Chang had a massive practice, but later decided to concentrate on the clinical practice, but also gave lectures in different universities globally.


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