Tim Murawski Contribution to Biotechnology

Tim Murawski is the COO of Augmedics; a firm focused on improving healthcare by bringing augmented reality tech into spinal surgery. Their latest invention, the XVision System, allows surgeons to have a clear vision of their patient’s anatomy through the skin, similar to X-ray vision. According to Tim Murawski, the aim is to ensure surgeons navigate implants and instruments accurately during procedures. Tim Murawski emphasizes the benefits of Xvision during surgery. 


The system revolutionizes surgery procedures giving surgeons better control and visuals for easier, faster, and safer operations. Before joining Augmedics, Tim Murawski held various leadership positions in different medical device companies. He worked for Mazor Robotics, performing complex roles in the medical device company. While at Mazor Robotics, successful businessman and healthcare expert Tim Murawski managed to work through various ranks to the top, and the company experienced significant growth. 


Though the healthcare expert studied operation management and supervision, his interests and preference changed. He launched his sales career at Baxter International Inc. and sold the company’s needleless IV products. As Tim Murawski points out, during that time, IV products were a necessity for health workers dealing with HIV/AIDS patients. He saw the benefits of selling transformational technology to enhance safety and improve quality of life.


In 1996 Tim Murawski worked for a startup company called General Surgical Innovations. Throughout his career, he has dramatically impacted the surgical robotics field by growing the robotics surgery market. Throughout his whole career, Tim Murawski uses his prowess in marketing to present cutting-edge tech devices in the medical industry. Despite his busy schedule, he creates time for his family and enjoys his favorite sports.

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