The Popular Products That Set Beachbody Apart

BeachBodyIn the era of fitness as big business, Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler has found a winning formula. By offering integrated workout programs and nutrition packages, the company stands out from the competition and gives its customers the full experience they’re craving. A quick look at the company’s history, leadership, and products demonstrates just why they have been so successful.

The History Of The Business

Founded in 1998 in Southern California, Beachbody started out producing VHS tapes that people could use to work out in front of their televisions. Always quick to evolve with the times, the company moved on to producing DVDs and, later, digitally streamed videos. Throughout this decades-long journey, the company has maintained a business model that works.

Carl Daikeler’s Role

As co-founder and CEO, Carl Daikeler has been a driving force in the company. He seeks to give customers exactly what they’re after: a comprehensive at-home fitness experience. His passion and creativity, evident in interviews with the business press, have allowed him to create a veritable fitness empire.

Products and Services

Beachbody provides its customers with a wide variety of products and services. What sets them apart from other fitness services is the fact that buyers don’t need to invest in any extra equipment in order to complete the workouts. Here’s a brief overview of the products on offer.

Fitness Programs

Customers can buy fitness programs and watch the videos on their personal devices. This makes exercising in accordance with professional standards easier than ever before.

Nutrition Programs

Carl Daikeler

Beachbody recognizes that simply exercising is never enough to improve bodily health. That’s why they invite customers to supplement their workouts with pre-established nutrition programs.


Working out is easier when you’ve got the right apparel. By offering branded tops and bottoms, the company makes sure its customer’s look and feel their best while going through their workout routines.


A healthy shake can provide important nutrients in the form of a delicious and convenient snack. The company’s Shakeology beverages are beloved for their great taste and ease of consumption. They also help buyers stay healthy.

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