The Philanthropic Life of John Ritenour

John Ritenour is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and businessman who grew up in Pittsburgh’s outskirts. Growing up, he saw his family go through many challenges, which built the resilience in becoming the man he is today. John Ritenour worked hard to grow and perfect his financial and professional path. He has never forgotten about his past struggles and challenges, making him a philanthropist and ensures he gives back to the community and uplifts the less fortunate.

His giving nature led to him founding an Insurance Office of America, which made him create his philanthropic legacy. When John Ritenour founded and launched the Insurance Office of America, he considered his past experiences as an insurance producer and the challenges he faced in a traditional insurance organization.

He created the blueprints for his organization. His main aim was to ensure every producer would thrive. He treats every insurance producer as an independent business owner by giving them a flexible commission structure and the insurance producer’s autonomy.

John Ritenour has come up with several ways to help the producers to have ownership of the company. He also created a generation of entrepreneurs in the insurance settings and a business model that returns the favor. He currently has-natured more than 1000 associates across the United States with over 50 offices and one international branch of Office America located in London.

Besides being devoted to investing in projects that help the community, he continued to be hands-on in every project and milestone of his company until he retired in 2018. He worked hard and ensured his company became a leader in the insurance industry. However, he still serves the company in an advisory capacity. His son is now the Chairman and the CEO of the Insurance Office of America. John Ritenour now continues with his philanthropic tradition of giving back to the community.

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