The Life and Career of Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal has faced a lot of ups & downs in a career that has now endured for more than 20 years. So how was Miki Agrawal able to bounce back from all of the setbacks she faced over the years? Well, it all began back in the early 80’s when she was born in a small town not too far from Quebec. She proved to be one of the best students in her class & this is how she was able to have her pick of any university in the world. While she was tempted to go to one of the classics like Harvard or Yale, in the end Miki Agrawal went with the University of Cornell. She did not know if she was going to like it but she had a good time when she was on their campus. As a student, she was forced to select a major & so she went on to explore a lot of different subjects. She soon found the one she was looking for when she had to take a business class and more

As she got close to graduation, she was not sure if she would be able to make it on the outside & this is why she would meet with her mentor to see if they could come up with a good plan for when she was done with classes. Once she had gotten her BS, she knew she had to find a way to make ends meet. So she went to work for one of the local banks for a few years. Miki Agrawal liked it at first but soon knew it was time to move on to bigger & better things. As such, she opted to start her own business in January 2011 to help women & she called it Thinx.

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