The Journey of Laura McQuade to Expand Planned parenthood

Laura Mcquade is one of the women leaders who are always determined to rise beyond any challenges. The 51-year-old is the leader of Planned Parenthood. Her biggest goal has been to drive the organization towards a place of service to the majority. For this reason, she has spearheaded the expansion of the organization. Even as abortion bans grow within the country and the restriction of Title X Funding and a decreased show of concern from the federal government continue, she is still determined to attain her goal of providing sexual and reproductive health services to her people. For Laura Mcquade, such services can only reach many people through expansion.

Her role in sexual and reproductive health has led to her being recognized as among the most powerful women of New York in 2019. Because of her strong negotiating power, Laura managed to get on board five affiliates merging to form Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. The plan is to build more facilities in the region to provide care to more patients; for this big break to be achieved, there is an estimated budget of $110 million meant to open 28 health facilities in different regions. These facilities require a human resource to operate; therefore, the underway plans to employ around 900 workers to be spread out in the facilities. This merger will be the best thing to happen for the people of Greater New York as it gives Laura Mcquade more bargaining power to champion sexual and reproductive health rights.

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