The Approach Used by John Ritenour to Make IOA Successful

Insurance Office of America is renowned for its customer-centric way of doing business, although it deals with a wide range of customers. An exceptional area that the insurance company has been serving for over a decade is the sports industry, whereby it has offered insurance solutions and partnerships. The reason why the decision of IOA to venture into sports insurance and partnership has become so successful has mainly been because of the personal dedication the company’s leadership has towards sports.

The leadership of the company consists mainly of two names, John Ritenour and Heath Ritenour. IOA is more of a family business as John plays the role of founder, having founded the insurance company in the year 1988. In 2008, John’s son Heath finally took over the leadership as the CEO and finally in 2019 as the chairman; this has not pushed John Ritenour out of IOA as he still plays an advisory role in IOA.

Unlike other sports, football presents higher risks, making it one of the most challenging sports to partner with when it comes to insurance. Therefore, for the partnership to become successful, insurance companies must dedicate their time towards understanding the needs of the particular sports team and the potential risks that might occur, as a result offering maximum insurance coverage for the specific team. Through dedication towards having a comprehensive understanding of a team, the team can be provided excellent insurance coverage.

The uniqueness of the operations of IOA, which sets it apart from other insurance companies, is rooted in the personal values of John Ritenour. The current customer-centric approach of operations is something he began right from the time he founded the company. As a result, since its inception, the company has always been on a constant rise of success.

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