Sports Illustrated and Maven Flourish Under Ross Levinsohn’s Steady Hand

Ross LevinsohnIf you are not familiar with the media technology industry, the name Ross Levinsohn may mean little to you. However, you have likely experienced the results of his hard work over the past 36 years. Levinsohn is currently a respected executive in his chosen industry. When he earned the position of Chief Executive Officer at Maven, he also became the CEO at Sports Illustrated. From his perch at the top spot in both of these companies, Levinsohn has made a notable mark.

Maven is often not recognizable by name outside of the digital media technology space, but you likely have heard of the hundreds of clients that Maven provides crucial services for. Specifically, it serves names like The Street with Jim Cramer, Ski Magazine, Maxim, and several hundred others. The company supports the endeavors of these entities through its one-platform solution for infrastructure, publication and monetization.

The other company that Maven currently leads is Sports Illustrated, which is a 70-year-old brand that is both known and respected around the world. Sports Illustrated has previously relied mostly on advertising revenue to turn a profit, but this has evolved under Levinsohn’s hand. Levinsohn has moved early access content and premium content behind a paywall. By doing so, he has established demand for a subscription service at Sports Illustrated, and he has transformed its revenue structure.

Ross Levinsohn has already been an influential force at these companies since he took over their executive leadership boards in August 2020. These are only two of the many businesses that Levinsohn has had a hand in shaping and growing since he graduated from American University in 1986. In fact, you may be familiar with many of the entities where he has served as President or CEO. Fox Interactive Media, Yahoo! and Tribune Publishing are some of them.

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