Services Offered By Global Award-Winning Plastic Surgeon, Dr Rod Rohrich

Rohrich is an award-winning plastic surgeon operating in Dallas, Texas. Awards are earned through hard work. Dr Rohrich compromises not in quality and pays attention to details, hence his increased popularity. To deliver, he listens to clients’ needs and their anticipated results, thus coming up with customized procedures.

Plastic surgery is meant to improve one’s physical appearance. The following are some of the services Rohrich offers that has earned him global recognition:

Body Lift

After a significant weight loss, the skin becomes loose, making one’s shape look unpleasing. Luckily, a visit to Dr Rod’s facility can bring your shape back through a body contouring procedure where excess skin and fat are removed.

Breast Augmentation

Ladies suffer from breast sagging caused by either breastfeeding, excessive weight loss, or old age. To correct this and meet his client’s expectations, Rod Rohrich puts an implant behind each breast through a procedure known as breast Augmentation.

Facelift Surgery

Dr Rohrich offers a personalized facelift surgery since faces differ and thus should the procedure. This surgery entails not only lifting the face but also filling the central check area that tends to deflate as one advance in age.

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