Scott Dylan’s Top Tips for Businesses

Scott DylanScott Dylan is a senior partner at Fresh Thinking Group. Before joining Fresh Thinking, he ran a series of ventures, several of which went on to be acquired or receive investment. Scott focuses on the combination of public and private market capital. In the consumer-oriented sector, he backs businesses across Europe and North America that share an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to positively impact the world around them.

His many successes include numerous B2B marketing campaigns and brand identity launches; first round funding of a multi-million pound technology firm, as well as building on a $8m investment in an energy efficient lighting technology firm from scratch. Scott Dylan’s hands-on approach to management and operation has enabled businesses to thrive, as well as allowing him to earn a profit for his own efforts and to prove the concept of a successful venture model.

Prior to founding Fresh Thinking Group, Scott held a number of executive positions at established companies including Rothschild & Co, Deloitte LLP, BNP Paribas, and Euro Disney. He has experience in completing turnaround and mergers and acquisitions in the UK and international markets. Scott Dylan is a private equity investor, professional investor, entrepreneur, and digital strategist with experience in several areas of technology including R&D, marketing, and software development.

In 2015, Scott started Fresh Thinking Group (“FTG”) to facilitate M&A and build companies that solve problems that impact businesses. His private equity experience includes working with multi-billion-dollar companies to accelerate the acquisition of struggling businesses and sell them for vast profits.

Prior to starting FTG, Scott Dylan worked for leading investment bank, UBS and Coopers & Lybrand, where he focused on consumer investments. He has also held positions in product management and marketing at Samsung and worked in advertising, animation, and digital marketing.

The Fresh Thinking Group is a consulting, networking and training firm in the U.K. that builds quality-driven, innovative, and scalable businesses in partnership with private equity and corporate partners. The team has expertise in helping companies mature into the organizations that they are capable of being, ensuring that their people, programs, and cultures are up to speed, in service of their customers.

What do you hope to achieve with Fresh Thinking? Scott: We want to help business leaders at all levels achieve success. That is through creating a framework for modern collaboration, establishing a culture of well-run execution.

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