Scott Dylan Makes Caribou a Transparent Delivery Operation

Caribou Whether you are moving products for your company or shipping personal goods, Caribou has many perfected avenues that will get bulk or single items to their final destinations around the world. This transportation and shipping company utilizes many methods, such as traditional vans and cargo ships, and technology is a vital part of their performance platform.

Some of the traditional services involve delivery drivers and warehouse personnel. Inside of those workplaces are customer service representatives and layers of management. Caribou takes a team approach that focuses on safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Many people have reviewed Caribou. Interested parties can find the statements on review sites across the web. One reviewer commented on the speed of the operation, and another noted the friendly associates. This transparency allows new users to get a feel for the company culture, and they enable satisfied customers to share their experiences.

To make it as convenient as possible, you can drop off your packages at one of the substations, or you can arrange for a pickup. If you want your packages collected, you can book an appointment through the company’s portal. Once logged in, the system makes it simple to make arrangements that are convenient for you. In some areas, same-day pick up is available also.

When it comes to receiving something, Caribou will notify you when and where it is throughout the day via a tracking service. If there is an occasion where you have been notified of a drop-off but you cannot find the item, the driver may have slipped a note under your door to let you know where it is at. There will be a signature on file to show who it was handed off to.


The tracking service is provided in real-time. You can follow the progress on your order page. Scan bars are assigned and attached to the shipments, and as the item moves through the system, each department that handles it scans the tag, and the system automatically updates the progress. If the delivery person is outside of cellular coverage, the information is stored and automatically uploaded once they reach a service area. This situation can happen because Caribou delivers across the United Kingdom and Europe.

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