Private Equity Insight with Gary McGaghey

Gary Mcgaghey has served in various international companies in different capacities. Also, Gary sits on the Advisory Board for Technomic Partners Inc, where he advises institutional investors who manage more than US$500 billion in assets, helping them decide whether or not real estate is part of their core investment strategy.


Private equities activity had swelled over the past two years as firms were able to grow their portfolios with the financial backing of pension plans and other investors eager to put their funds into PE. But many of those investors have been shedding their private equity holdings in recent months. In a recent report, McGaghey explains that private equity deals grew by 8.6% from Q1 2012 to Q2 2012. According to him, the PE deal growth rate has been positive since 2008 and is one of the few industries to show a positive growth rate in such an adverse macroeconomic situation.


Further, Gary McGaghey opines that the private equity market has been the most stable and robust in terms of growth. Additionally, he observes that the total investment volume for private equity in Ireland will be “substantially” higher than €1 billion this year.


The resurgence in activity by private equity firms has created opportunities for middle funding sources such as Williams Lee Tag, which invests the money it manages and helps finance some of its U.S. buyouts. Private equity funds compete for deals and often need more money than they have available to complete their commitments once they land a target.


In addition, Gary McGaghey says Williams Lee Tag has a disciplined investment approach, whether the focus is on taking existing companies with growth potential or early-stage businesses. Gary points out that Williams Lee Tag’s headquarters, based in Sydney, can forge relationships with growing markets domestically and internationally.

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