PosiGen CEO: Thomas Neyhart and the Future

The PosiGen CEO is a guy named Thomas Neyhart. He has more than 25 years of management experience. Thomas Neyhart also had experience as the COO of the company Utica Rentals, which is a larger retail chain. According to PosiGen CEO, this company had 32 locations, so it was a large operation that spanned over 6 states. The current PosiGen CEO, Mr, Neyhart, was named one of the most Intriguing Entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs. 


In fact, people often want him to speak at events related to renewable energy or forums on the construction business. PosiGen is an energy company that has a lot of focus on disadvantaged areas. They went through the reconstruction period after Hurricane Katrina and noticed that many of the people that got the most assistance for reconstruction from the government were in richer tax brackets. That’s why now, PosiGen CEO states, these days, they are more interested in providing superior energy sources to poorer areas. 

Their mission statement focuses on their poor customers. They view themselves as a family. They focus on helping customers reduce their energy bills. Posigen also tries to bring jobs to these disadvantaged areas. Additionally, they try to offer solar plans to their customers where they lease solar panels so that people can experience what it’s like to have lower bills and to participate in a greener future. If you’re thinking about getting solar panels through this program, PosiGen CEO states, make sure you do your homework to see if it works for you, and then definitely call Posigen as soon as you are ready.

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