Mahmoud Khattab overview of health in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought several changes in the way people access health. Health experts such as Mahmoud Khattab have been observing several changes that the pandemic has brought. Adoption

Private Equity Insight with Gary McGaghey

Gary Mcgaghey has served in various international companies in different capacities. Also, Gary sits on the Advisory Board for Technomic Partners Inc, where he advises institutional investors who manage more

The Arrow

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CEO and General Manager at Quintet Capital, Eduardo Sonoda

As mobile and online banking methods arise due to the Pandemic, the traditional ways of banking have not fallen to the wayside according to CEO and General Manager of Quintet Capital, Eduardo Sonoda who is based in Geneva, Switzerland since 2018. Prior to this, he served as CEO and General Continue Reading

Private Equities According to Gary McGaghey, a PE Manager

Private equities (PE) refer to a company’s shares representing its ownership. PE firms or investment management companies provide financial backing, making investments in the private equity of other companies. They use various mechanisms for making investments, including different types of capital. Private equities provide investors with profit by obtaining capital Continue Reading