Outstanding Transit to Success of of Stronghold Engineering Inc.

In an interview with Beverly Bailey, she states that her husband`s truck totaling during her maternity leave was a blessing to them. She had been dreading her job as a loan officer and was not looking forward to going there. The couple used the insurance money as capital for the then Stronghold Electric based in California at Riverside.


They never forgot to seek God`s grace as they embarked on this new journey, and he sure walked with them all the way. After a while, they changed the company`s name to Stronghold Engineering Inc., where Scott functioned as the CEO. The main purpose of this company is to provide buildings with services of electrical, design, general, and civil construction in Southern California and regions around.


Bailey states that they came up with core values such as integrity, teamwork, safety, and commitment in order for them to guide them as they work. Stronghold Engineering Inc. aimed at providing services to even those in remote areas and thereby winning contracts through numerous roles.


Among the many spectacular projects handled by Stronghold Engineering Inc. is the project on the 74-acre solar farm located on a landfill in Jurupa Valley of California. It did this by fitting a panel system of measured ballasts to prevent a landfill system from being destroyed or entered. 


Stronghold Engineering Inc. connected the solar farm to a close Southern California Edison substation, which led to the completion of the project in 2020. The energy produced at this farm is utilized by Lake Elsinore Unified District School. They aim to work on a second phase for this project hence producing more energy for more users.


When asked about the secret to the success of her Stronghold Engineering Inc., Beverly Bailey states that their connection to their employees has played a great role. They listen to and respect their employees; hence proper work motivation leads to higher output.



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