NYC Attorney Juan Monteverde Successful Career Path

Attorney Juan Monteverde is based in New York City. He is the founder and Managing Director of the reputable Monteverde & Associates PC firm. The national class action practice focuses on handling important cases involving investors and consumers. In most cases, it represents shareholders who have incurred unfair financial damages through unfair practices and corporate fraud.

The law firm has made its mark of excellence after handling successful cases in various appealed levels, including the US Supreme Court. Juan Monteverde is committed to his work and often handles merger transactions to ensure the terms are fair for his client. He has a great pool of knowledge and experience to help companies close better deals and advocate for shareholder rights. Juan Monteverde has contributed his opinion as a speaker at several conferences including, ACI, PLI, and ABA, where Juan shares his insights on mergers and executive compensation. He is also an accomplished writer with extensively written articles on law and litigation.

Juan Monteverde says there is no room for hesitation and self-doubt when starting a firm. He notes that a big part of growing a successful firm is to ensure that the world knows about your success. He has set up a professional website for the firm to create and shape its online presence. Monteverde posts the firms’ achievements on the website, which helps spread the word about its success. Juan believes that hard work ethics can help increase productivity and efficiency. He also notes that spending time gaining a rich background and experience is vital for success.

Juan Monteverde’s career interests started in the financial side of the business. He went to the California State University of Northridge for his B.S. in Finance. He also attended the St. Thomas University School of Law for his J.D. IN 2006. In 2007, he sat for the New York State bar exam before starting his career in law.

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