Laura Rea Dickey on Transforming Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Through Technology

While reliance on intuition can lead to excellent business results, one of the game-changing ways of doing business in the current economy is leveraging technology. Over the past years, we have made significant strides in the technological world as we now have Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), etc. As a result, the decision-making process in business has become more straightforward, and the result often is a success.

A business in the modern-day world does not have an excuse on why not to be data-driven. Collection of data that is based on Key Performance Indicators. Business leaders like Laura Rea Dickey continue to demonstrate that it measures insights to attain business success through technology.

As CEO of the famous Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant, Laura Rea Dickey has incorporated technology like AI into the business. Her efforts of embracing technology in business continue to make her a business role model to many. Forbes Magazine has recognized those efforts and the results they have led to. Her recent recognition is being among the Top 25 people named as Fast Casual Executives.

The idea behind the restaurant that Laura Rea Dickey leads today was to provide a good Texas barbecue platform and a place where people would meet and hold good conversations. Founded in 1941, the restaurant has now been in business for 80 years. Through hard work and determination, her grandfather Travis Dickey and grandmother Ollie finally became a popular joint for the Texas people. Go Here for related Information.

The business was after that passed on from one generation to the next. During the time of Roland Dickey Jr as CEO, he felt that the company needed a technological touch, and no other person would offer the company the best other than Laura Rea Dickey. When she came into the company, she played various roles right from the IT sector and brought a transformation to how Dickey’s Barbecue Pit used technology to their advantage.

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