Laura McQuade’s Planned Parenthood Organization Succeeds Despite Hurdles

Laura McQuade dedicates her efforts to planned parenthood and the healthcare of women. She continues to work towards establishing better facilities for comprehensive, healthcare and sexual and reproductive healthcare despite hurdles placed in her path by governments.

Laura McQuade has wide experience in leading public policy, financial and, healthcare organizations. She is a graduate of Yale University. She has dedicated her career to championing the cause of underprivileged sections of society specifically women. She launched the Center for Reproductive Rights in 2004. The organization advocated reproductive rights for women across the world. She became the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri and Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. The focus of these organizations was to make reproductive health available and easily accessible to all communities.

Laura Mcquade and Planned Parenthood have recently faced many hurdles in providing comprehensive sexual and reproductive care. Many states have banned abortion. Title X funding for Planned Parenthood has been restricted and the federal government has introduced restrictive refusal of care rules. Despite these hurdles, Laura McQuade has helped Planned Parenthood of Greater New York succeed. She has negotiated a merger of five affiliates and obtained an operative budget of $110 million. Her goal is to establish 28 health centers where over 20,000 patients can visit in a year. The health centers will have over 900 employees. She hopes to negotiate with commercial healthcare organizations and large health systems to further expand the organization.

Laura McQuade has shown unswerving dedication to the cause of increasing reproductive and sexual healthcare facilities despite the hurdles of lack of funding and government policies.

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