Kip Lewis Austin Helps Other Business Leaders Turn Business Standpoints From Negative to Positive

Turning a negative into a positive from a business outlook in 2020 brought upheaval and significant change to many life aspects, including the way we do business.

Business leaders around the globe innovated, went digital, re-oriented their operations, and shored up cash and liquidity while working to accommodate the fluctuating needs of the workforce in 2020.

Along with the challenges and obstacles, the experiences bring about the chance to learn invaluable lessons.

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Business leaders who learn the lessons will build more resilient and adaptable foundations as they recover from the pandemic’s effects and strategically position their businesses for the future.

Kip Lewis is the President and Owner of Texas’ Round Rock Lewis Investments real estate investment and Development Company.

He has extensively shared great lessons for all business leaders to take home from the 2020 pandemic.

Lewis is among the many business owners whose plans were impacted by the pandemic.

Early 2020, Lewis Investments engaged the leading professional services firm and Fortune 500 Company, JLL, to help with a manifold property refinance.

By the end of March 2020, the project reached a dead end due to the grabbing of credit markets.

Lewis, however, disclosed that what was initially perceived as an unfortunate timing emerged as a good fortune, thanks to the JLL team’s aptitude to explore the market for alternative sources.

The team ultimately completed the refinancing of a $17,000,000 portfolio of three sizeable recreational vehicles (RV) and manufactured housing (MH) communities owned by Lewis Investments in the Central part of Texas.

The capability to adapt, uphold optimism, and learn lessons along the way has contributed to Lewis’ success throughout his career in Round Rock.

The celebrated entrepreneur graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Texas State University before launching Lewis Investments at the young age of twenty-seven with only $2,000.

He highlights that business leaders should keep themselves and their staff up to date and comfortable with the latest technology trends.

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