Joseph Ashford Shares Marketing Tips for Start-ups

Joseph Ashford is a celebrated entrepreneur who has earned a reputation as an internet visionary. He is the owner and CEO of a top-notch multi-faceted marketing enterprise, K4 Global. It’s the success and prosperity of this firm that has propelled Ashford to the limelight. Not so long ago, this marketing guru came out to share his top marketing tips for start-ups.

Nurture a solid social media presence

This iconic entrepreneur pointed out that social media presence can have a massive impact on the success of a start-up in this era. This is thanks to the availability of various social media marketing options, which offer a great return on investment. As a new enterprise, you will likely get more value for your marketing budget and campaign if you do it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. The K4 Global CEO said that this is because the social platforms allow you to reach your targeted market instantly and sell to them directly. To make the most out of any social media marketing campaign that you will be launching, you also need to nurture a solid social media presence.

Identify your ideal customers

Targeted marketing provides unbeatable ROI for any marketing campaign. This is why as a start-up, you need to identify your ideal customer. Joseph Ashford London revealed that you would have to undertake comprehensive market research to identify your ideal customer. He added that you should engage in this early on in your product or service development process. This will allow you to come up with products that meet the expectations of your ideal customers, making the marketing a lot easier and more

Come up with great marketing content

Joseph Ashford, London who is also a philanthropist, said that the greatness of a marketing campaign is mainly dependent on the marketing content. Joseph Ashford advised start-ups to take their time to come up with great marketing content for their campaign. Excellent marketing campaign content makes the target customers identify with the product and brand.

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