Jonas Lauren Norr’s Success With Ethos Real Assets, As Well As His Acceptance To Crest’s Board Of Directors

Jonas Lauren Norr, a well-known thinking leader, has been appointed to the Crest Board of Directors. This decision has reinforced Crest’s development into new markets. It also works well with Michael Collins’ management team. 


Inflection Resources Ltd. and Headwater Gold Inc., two pioneering mineral resource businesses, have received major investments. Both businesses, which symbolize innovative methods of discovery in their respective areas, are now in this position.


Jonas Lauren Norr served as a technical advisor to Crest prior to his appointment to the board of directors. He has 500,000 shares in the company that he can use up to June 1, 2025, for $0.065 per share. Under the MOU, Ethos Real Assets is to receive 4,000,000 standard shares of the Company. 


The JV will work together to create sites that Crest will help with. JV will focus on key technologies that have a significant impact while also resolving core industries’ biggest significant efficiency challenges. Natural resources, agriculture, energy, and healthcare, as well as other industries, will be included. 


According to the MOU, work will start on the first locations in September 2020, with an initial group of solutions. It will accomplish this by utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, robotics, chemistry, and biotechnologies. The JV aims to provide a cutting-edge solution to venture funding for core technology with broad industry applicability.


For decades, Jonas Lauren Norr, the creator of Ethos Real Assets, has been at the forefront of technological innovation in Silicon Valley. During that time, he has been attempting to suppress the tools supplied by the startup process. Jonas Lauren Norr used research to help develop technological solutions. 


Mr. Norr believes it will influence society and energize future innovation economies. Ethos Real Assets is a forward-thinking assets, early stage investor, and developer. They also aided older industries by providing the country’s most desired and relevant advances.


Their goal is to maximize social impact at the forefront of every project it undertakes. Since 2000, Jonas Lauren Norr has been a supporter of companies just starting out. He has been the founder and CEO of five businesses, two of which have gone public while two were acquired. 


Jonas Lauren Norr is a Special Advisor to Peterson Real Assets and a Senior Advisor to SpaceFund. Alternative sources, biotechnology, education, journalism, and property investment have all caught his interest. Mr. Norr also gives lectures on technology and social impact on a regular basis.


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