John Ritenour Advises Businesses To Curve Into Emerging Trends And Changing Times

As client’s tastes and demands change, businesses need to follow suit. That is according to John Ritenour. He is a great and successful businessman who is also a co-founder of the Insurance Office of America. The entrepreneur advises businesses to move on with the current trends. If they continue to follow the outdated conservative trading moves, they will fail. He has witnessed several companies get to their knees and close doors. Businesses must shift their mindsets with the changing trends and time. When companies become adamant and ignorant of where the world is ending, the results are obsolete services.

When John Ritenour set up his insurance business, he had to leave his comfortable Florida home to catch up with the insurance industry trends. He had to learn the client’s demands and the latest market supply. People are shifting from what they used to insure decades ago.

There is also the money market that has camouflaged over the years. Before, companies never allowed staff autonomy. It is no longer the case. Freedom brings about self-driven ethics that enable all team members’ efforts to be recognized. John says that IOA had to build a rare structure that had seems inapplicable to most organizations. At IOA, the producers, who are also part of the teamwork, play the same role as the company’s owners.

They are free to bring in ideas, proposals, and value to the business. The relevant unit weighs the positives and negatives before a decision. That has seen the company grow swiftly to become the 25th largest insurance company in the United States.

Amidst the pandemic, IOA still stands strong. The reason behind that strength is adapting to changing times. John Ritenour admits that COVID-19 has changed the world’s landscape. Businesses must accept that too and move in the same direction. The clientele base is now online. No more physical appearance as the world battles the worst virus ever. Most businesses have gone techno-savvy, and any that is left behind will lose immensely.

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