How PosiGen has Made Life Easier Through Solar Power

PosiGen is an American solar company headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, and has branches in New York, Florida, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the majority of the population, most of whom were low-income families, were highly affected. Several programs including PosiGen solar power were established to help residents build stronger properties, which were of benefit only to the rich. 

The founders of PosiGen were saddened by this and wanted to come through for the less privileged families and help them start afresh. They designed a strategy to install solar power in people’s houses, but instead of asking customers to pay using instant cash, they only allowed them to purchase through savings (Bizneworleans). 

People highly embraced this as it encouraged them to save electricity to their homes at a low cost. Solar continues to be used extensively by many people across the world. Other than being cheap to install and maintain, it is also much cleaner and more eco-friendly than other forms of electricity. PosiGen installs two-directional meters for their clients, as opposed to the one-directional meters installed by normal electricity companies. Since the clients’ solar panels generate electricity on their own, they use the power generated for their electricity needs. 

If the power generated is at some point in excess, the surplus is stored in the grid, and the company pays them through credits or lower bills in the future. If their needs exceed the power generated, energy is transferred from the grid, and they pay the bill or use credits earned from prior surplus. Electricity bills are spiked by air leaks, which can cause heat and energy loss. Clients can invite PosiGen agents to their homes to conduct energy audits for them. These audits identify where there are air leaks and energy losses. It includes a series of tests like blower door testing, assessment of doors and windows, infrared scanning, evaluating the attic, and appliance zone test, and then they generate an energy report for them. With an upgrade of your solar energy, you enjoy cleaner air, consistent temperature, and fewer mold issues.

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