How Eterneva is Changing Death After Life

Eterneva is a new company, and it’s already turning heads. This company offers families the ability to have loved ones cremated and have their ashes added to diamonds. Cremation has been a popular way to ease the pain of losing a loved one or a beloved family pet. The option to have their ashes added to a diamond ring is getting a lot of attention.

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Mark Cuban, a self-made entrepreneur is backing this startup. Cuban has always been about emerging markets and trying new things. Using ashes to make diamonds may be a new concept, but it’s one that is unique and is most likely to catch on quickly. Regardless of the fact that this company is a startup, their Facebook page already shows that they have 9k followers and counting.

It’s no surprise that with Mark Cuban involved it’s already a name on the list of companies to watch for exponential growth and success. The marketplace for this also has a niche title that could cause some to feel uncomfortable. The name “deathcare” has labeled this new marketplace, yet it’s fitting for what Eterneva is offering.

Did you know that this bejeweled startup is also referred to as a grief and wellness startup? Last June, they added just over $3 million to their first round of seed money. The headquarters of the company is based in Austin, Texas. It seems that this new way to keep a loved one close to your heart fits right in with the belief that everything is bigger and better in Texas.

Adelle Archer is the co-founder of the company and acting as CEO. She stated early on that a big part of the connection here for loved ones is that they can choose the size of the diamond along with its cut and color. There is also an option to add an inscription. There is so much to appreciate about Eterneva. Diamonds are no longer known for signifying the beginning of a life, but the end of a life and the memories it holds.

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