How Austin based Kip Lewis has handled the healthcare crisis

Kip Lewis has secured his Round Rock business in the midst of the ongoing global health crisis. Everyone wonders how the veteran Austin-based entrepreneur has done it. Kip Lewis has been using these expert tips to maintain operations;

Communication: Kip Lewis learned very fast about the distress among members of the corporate society.

The first month saw many businesses abandon their workers because there was no hope in sight. Lewis remained in constant communication with all his teams in the real estate market.

Through normal and constant communication, the veteran ensured that the sense of normalcy was still there.

Many chief executive officers responded to the dangerous pandemic by showing panic to every person around them.

When the juniors saw this panic, they could not help but panic.

Those who couldn’t bear the pressure tried to communicate but failed because their tools of communication were not clear.

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In the end, the juniors started to feel very confused and uncertain about their fate. Some of them began to feel unsupported by the companies around them.

Not all communication channels work when there is a horrible situation happening.

The ideal communication when there is a pandemic should be empathetic, clear, and effective to the employees.

When they are done listening to you, the staff should be reassured and well informed about their future and the state of your business.

For workers who are not in the office, look for ways to handle constant communication.

Virtual communication is easy and very effective in modern times.

Choose special times to have meetings and show everyone that you are in control of the situation.

When a leader does not have the right communication tools for his or her teams during the healthcare pandemic, they can only be doomed.

Understand the latest advancements in technology to facilitate the right communication.

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