Georgette Mulheir, Founder of Defend of Haiti’s Democracy

Georgette Mulheir is the founder and spokesperson of Defend Haiti’s Democracy. It is a human rights organization that focuses on addressing the current crisis in Haiti and describes the necessary measures to take to restore democracy. Haiti is currently facing a political crisis. Georgette Mulheir points out that the parliament was dissolved in early 2020 due to a stalled election. The democratic structures at local and national levels are no longer functioning for two years. The lack of a functioning parliament due to the De facto president’s decree signifies that Haiti is again falling into dictatorship.

Defend Haiti’s Democracy aims to let all concerned citizens know that they have a right to contact the elected politicians. The human rights organization headed by Global leader and human rights activist Georgette Mulheir is deeply concerned that the widespread violence in Haiti is used to silence the people. State-sanctioned massacres should end because they are crimes against humanity. She urges the government, the international community, and the United Nations to condemn violence by withdrawing non-humanitarian support to the existing administration. The organization lobbies for a peaceful transition of power to restore the rule of law and democracy. Some human rights organizations state that government officials and security officers work with gangs to perpetrate human rights abuses. 

Those in power use such atrocities to intimidate and instill fear among the population and for gangs to make money. Throughout 2020 opposition areas were targeted by kidnapping gangs for ransom. Haiti currently has a judiciary that does not prosecute those who attack civilians. Defend Haiti’s Democracy implores the international community to put an end to a government that permits gangs to operate with impunity (Newsanyway). 

Georgette Mulheir began working in Haiti in 2014 to help establish new support and protection services for vulnerable families and children. But more recently, her concern is the political crisis in Haiti. Her organization Defend Haiti’s Democracy formed a partnership with Defend Haiti’s Democracy, The Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic, The NYU School of Law’s Global Justice Clinic, Caribbean Research Center, Quisqueya University, Harvard Law School, Medgar Evers College, and The International Human Rights Clinic. Led by Georgette Mulheir, the panel’s task is to explore Haiti’s current human rights, political, and economic crisis and provide evidence-based findings to identify solutions.

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