From Microsystem In 1982, To Horizon Telecoms, Haroldo Jacobovicz Continues To Bring Transformations In The Telecommunications Industry

When Haroldo Jacobovicz was still in college, he had already known what he would do upon completion of his studies. But even at his tender age as a student, Haroldo Jacobovicz had a candid vision, which led him to bring together his three friends.

Together, they analyzed the telecommunications industry and upon finding a loophole in the manner in which people were finding it difficult to communicate effectively, they founded Microsystem. The aim was to use the young firm to foster changes in the telecommunications industry. Sadly, the firm did not pick effectively as the four thought, forcing them to abandon the project.

Although the three friends went apart, Haroldo Jacobovicz remained with his clear vision. Upon graduation, he embarked on yet another mission. This time, he was solo and having learnt several valuable lessons from the failure of the first project, Haroldo Jacobovicz went ahead to build one company after another.

Today, more than 38 years after founding Microsystem in 1982, which did well in helping several; businesses simplify and improve on their telecommunicating services, Jacobovicz has three companies. Mr. Jacobovicz enjoys several titles in the telecommunications industry. He is the founder, president, and chairman of three firms he founded. The three companies that bear Haroldo Jacobovicz’s brand are e-Governe Group, Horizons Datacenter, and Horizons Telecom.

Before founding his firms, Haroldo worked with ExxonMobil, which was then referred to as Esso. The company, which is based in Rio de Janeiro, helped Haroldo Jacobovicz learn many things that he had failed to capture in their debut company. While working with Esso, Haroldo was in charge of several sectors. At some point, he was head of market as an analyst. Later, he would be appointed to take charge of commercial strategy and starting new businesses. From these small beginnings, Jacobovicz has seen his career rise in the telecommunications and computing industry. To know more click: here.

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