Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi Explains His Career Success

Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi is a Brazilian entrepreneur, founder, and current president of Sial Engenharia. He was born in Paranavai, a district of Sumare, in 1962. As a teenager, he relocated to the city of Moringa to venture into business and look for opportunities to further his studies. His first job when he arrived at Maringa was to work as a clerk at Banco Bradesco. This was contrary to his love for civil construction which was his main interest. Nonetheless, in 1990, he bought a construction company that helped him actualize his professional passion. His first development was the construction of Residencial Mares Do Sul, popularly known as the Sial Engenharia.

Driven by his professional ambitions, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi expanded his business and relocated to Cascavel, a city located in Parana. The firms were geographically far from each other, but the businessman worked round the clock to ensure the smooth running of the companies.

At the beginning of the millennium, the businessman was made the president of the Civil Construction Industry Union West of Parana. He served for two years bringing together the four units of the State Sinduscon. In an interview, Edelnilso shares that the position exposed him to the dynamics of the construction sector.

Sial Company was listed as one of the largest companies handling major construction works in Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo. In 2003 and 2004 consecutively, Edenilso served as the State Chamber of Civil Construction chairman based in Curitiba. In 2004, the businessman became a farmer specializing in the cultivation of soy and corn.

In the years that followed, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi expanded his business group by first creating a company that primarily dealt in construction and real estate development, the Laguardia Empreendimentos. The second expansion was the Message Constucoes, which deals in small and middle-sized public works. Early in 2019, he founded the Imobiliaria Rossi, which sells residential properties and other third-party businesses. Urban Capital is the latest start-up whose aim is to bring modernity to all his companies.


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