DFINITY USA Stands Behind Its Internet Computer

DFINITYWhile blockchain tech is increasingly used in economies around the world, the technology has thus far left much to be desired. It holds the promise of uniting societies, improving finance activities and more, but this promise has largely been unrealized because of the many private blockchain platforms in use. Because they are private, they lack the connectedness required to seize control of blockchain’s true potential. However, DFINITY USA is a tech firm that believes it has the solution in its Internet Computer. Because the Internet Computer is a public platform, it has what it takes to produce blockchain singularity.

Many people stand behind the company’s Internet Computer, including cryptocurrency users, node providers and more. Collectively, DFINITY USA raised more than $100 million from its various supporters in 2018 alone. These funds have been used to refine the technology further. Because it is a public-access platform, the Internet Computer stands apart from the rest in important areas. For example, its technology is far more affordable to utilize. The technology is also more efficient and predictable than many other platforms currently in use. In addition, the Internet Computer allows end-users to quickly connect directly because there is no intermediary. Instead, the Internet computer uses subnet nodes for peer-to-peer communications. Another notable feature that the Internet Computer has is the Service Nervous System, which is a technology that allows developers to make upgrades more easily. This is accomplished using decentralized, token-based dapps.

Dfinity FoundationToday, the Internet Computer is still being tweaked by researches and engineers. As the technology becomes more refined, its benefits will sharpen, and the platform will become the clear choice for users around the world. Through DFINITY USA’s work on the Internet Computer, the full potential of blockchain technology may one day be reached.

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