David Azzato Explains Recent Business Practices

David Azzato is a business, Angel investor, and entreprenuer. Azzato has many trips for the entrepreneur from startups and selling products to surviving during the pandemic.

David Azzato believes sometimes it is hard to know when a product will be incredibly successful. One example of an amazingly successful product was Gamestop. Gamestop’s stock was the unbelievable surprise success. The day stock exploded through discussions on Reddit’s chat room in a conversation about the GameStop stock. Two lessons can be learned. The little guy has more influence over the success or failure of the stock market than he thinks. Thinking a stock has more value than it does can make a stock perform better.

Chlorinated chicken is a new stock trade deal between the United Kingdom and the United States. Chlorinated chicken was created by farmers to disinfect chickens by cleaning off the bacteria to prevent infection during the slaughtering process. In 1997, the United Kingdom’s many officials banned the practice of chlorine washing. Chlorine washing is also known as Pathogen Reduction Treatment. Many times the government will ban a process needed in your business. It’s important to find alternative options like an alternative to using chlorine washing.

David Azzato had tips for people doing business during COVID-19. Many businesses have faced lockdowns. Azzato suggested the Corona Virus Interuption Scheme Business Loan Scheme, also known as BILS. BILS was created to help the self-employed and other small businesses owners. BILS helped with tax relief and business rates relief. BILS helped businesses stay open during the pandemic and be able to pay his employees. Loans were available until the end of January 2021.

The recent Brexit situation is resulting in export problems. Brexit is creating restricting live animal exports. There’s an overabundance in paperwork between neighboring countries because of Brexit. There are now added regulations for live animal health requirements. Over five times the amount of certificates are needed to be signed by authorized veterinarians this year for the exporting livestock. The cost for health certificates cost more than they did last year. Brexit has abolished many grace periods that make the EU trade agreement for certain goods became invalid. The trade agreements concerned trade among European countries like Ireland, Northern Ireland where many plants and live animals were exported to the UK. Animal livestock export restrictions are one of the problems caused by the United Kingdom deciding to leave European Brexit.

Animal rights activists are concerned about how live animals are stalled and kept during exporting. Activists are concerned about lengthy drives, truck transportation, sea transporting, and air transporting. Animals receive less care when export standards are relaxed in some countries.

Finally, Mr. Azzato believes in investing in cryptocuurency, a monetary currency that is decentralized. Cryptocurrency has adequate safeguards that make sure the currency is used for investments rather than tax fraud or money laundering. The cryptocurrency has a blockchain technology that being used in credit and debit cards to keep them from identity theft. The cryptocurrency is here to stay.

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