ClassDojo Joins Efforts with PubNub to Deliver Crucial Real-Time Features in Schools

ClassDojo is an efficient education technologies corporation whose app is being used across schools in the US. In a physical setting, a teacher could use almost forty percent of their tutoring time managing students’ behaviors instead of teaching. The disadvantage makes the technique less than effective. As for virtual classrooms, ClassDojo provides, there is a basic punishment, rewards, and mechanics principle that helps teachers regulate students in the classroom.

With its system, the firm allows tutors to offer students points based on good conduct and the right to subtract points in case of bad behavior. Point docked or earned could be displayed to students in real-time through mobile devices or the web. Students’ points could also be displayed on a projector or smartboard. The real-time feature is crucial to the company because the classroom requires constant communication between gadgets.

When handling a class full of learners, the devices must signal and connect quickly to keep the students concentrated on their work. Without such coordination, the teacher could lose the attention of the whole class. To support their ever-growing population, the company decided to collaborate with PubNub. The buy versus build issue had plagued ClassDojo because they hadn’t decided whether to cater for the issue in-house or outsource help.

They decided to plug into PubNub’s already established real-time network to serve their consumers. This collaboration allowed the company to scale up its communications by thousands of devices within no time. In its inception, the education tech company had created its solution, which soon began developing issues due to the unique structure of the schools’ networks. Some schools were challenged by having outdated browsers, old model networks, firewalls, and proxy servers. The firewalls were especially blocking much of the necessary traffic.

Background Details

When experimenting with WebSockets, the corporation discovered that more than half of the users could not access the real-time solutions. Since PubNub supports long polling, ClassDojo decided to realign their systems with the real-time communications company to become available across school networks.

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