Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and Hawkers

Hawkers is a company that sells high-fashion sunglasses, and it is led by Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. Initially, the founders had a strong product, but they were having trouble getting the word out, and that’s when Alejandro Betancourt Lopez came into the picture as an investor and leader. Savvy social media Continue Reading

Joseph Ashford, the Consultant Genius

Joseph Ashford is the founder of K4 Global Investment, an investment firm based in Bournemouth, UK. Based on his experience in the marketing sector, Joseph Ashford shared six tips to help prospective entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Joseph Ashford urges prospective entrepreneurs to consider working where they add value. While this Continue Reading

Alejandro Betancourt: Currently serves as the president of Hawkers Sunglasses

Popular investor Alejandro Betancourt has continued to increase his popularity with a new name Midas. This comes after his recent successful investment ventures. One saw him invest in Hawkers sunglasses, a Spanish company that is gaining acceptance around the world for its eco-friendly sunglasses and come with affordable prices. Alejandro Continue Reading

Private Equities According to Gary McGaghey, a PE Manager

Private equities (PE) refer to a company’s shares representing its ownership. PE firms or investment management companies provide financial backing, making investments in the private equity of other companies. They use various mechanisms for making investments, including different types of capital. Private equities provide investors with profit by obtaining capital Continue Reading