Andrew Lazarus Purchases Prestigious Hotel

The hospitality industry in the United States has grown significantly over the years. Numerous challenges have hit the market making investors scared.

Investors in the industry have done everything in their power to ensure they retain their profits despite the current challenges.

One of the most influential hoteliers in Sydney, Andrew Lazarus has been working hard to purchase and renovate various hotels in the recent months.

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Not long ago, Lazarus decided to purchase one of the iconic pubs based in Newcastle.

The pub is known as the Beach Hotel Merewether.

The hotel has an amazing location, and it has been owned by Twohill and Bale families.

The previous owners have done a lot to manage the prestigious property for the last forty years.

Finance experts believe that the property is worth over twenty million dollars.

While revealing the acquisition of the hotel, Lazarus did not speak about the sale price.

The executive told the public that he was working very hard and doing everything in his power to take charge of the luxurious hotel.

The businessman has always been very keen when making any property purchases because he wants to get the best.

Popularly known to many as The Beaches, the hotel has been attracting the attention of many customers in the past.

Andrew Lazarus and his wealthy family have been dreaming about purchasing this property for years.

In the last thirty years, the entire Andrew Lazarus family has focused their energy on hotel investments, and they have done an amazing job.

The family has several powerful business figures who have managed to transform the economy of the country in the past years.

The family is in charge of the well-known Eastern Hotels Group.

This group manages several assets in the world.

The director of the facility is Peter Lazarus.

The family has worked as a team to renovate, purchase and sell properties at profits.

The Shoal Bay Country Club is one of the facilities renovated by the Lazarus family in the past.

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