A Helicopter Service That Meets All Of Your Needs

Robinson HelicopterHelicopters have been around since the late 1930’s. It may have taken almost 40 years for Frank Robinson to revolutionize the helicopter industry with the introduction of his R22 helicopter, but with his design Mr. Robinson helped to expand the market by allowing for a broader audience to afford owning a helicopter. Luckily Frank did not stop at his initial helicopter design, because since the founding of Robinson Helicopter in 1973, the world has been introduced to many other helicopters that would not have been available if not for Frank Robinson’s designs and productions.

Robinson Helicopter has a large selection of helicopters to suit just about every need. The R66 is turbine powered, which means that the engine is a lot quieter than most helicopters. There is also a two-seater R22 available that would be perfect for training situations. Robinson also offers the R44. This helicopter is a 2 piston engine which means that it has a great power-to-weight ratio. The benefit of this helicopter is the fact that it utilizes less moveable parts than a four stroke engine.

Robinson Helicopter

Robinson Helicopter is the leading producer worldwide for civil helicopters. It has been a slow year for the company, but they are still selling helicopters to various police forces as well as universities for cadet training. The company is seeing a slow rebound in regards to sales, and in 2021 they celebrated the delivery of their 13,000th rotorcraft. There is no doubt that this family owned and operated business will see many more years of prosperity in the civil helicopter industry.


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