Haroldo Jacobovicz: background in both business and civil engineering

Haroldo Jacobovicz, who owns his own company and has a background in both business and civil engineering, has a strong interest in the field of information technology. In addition to that, he was the one who initiated the establishment of the e-Governe Group, Horizons Telecom, and Horizons Datacenter. These companies Continue Reading

Mr. Cooper’s Business Strategy

The company, formerly Nationstar, was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Coppell, Texas. Nationstar is the nation’s largest originator and servicer of residential mortgages and was named one of the top 10 mortgage lenders in the United States by Forbes Magazine in 2009. David N. Cooper and his father, Continue Reading

Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi: A Successful Career in Technology

Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi is a Brazilian entrepreneur and technology executive. He is the co-founder of Dafiti, Brazil’s largest online retailer, instrumental in its growth and success.  In addition to his work at Dafiti, Rossi Arnaldi has also held senior positions at some of Brazil’s most prominent technology companies, including Buscapé, Continue Reading

Outstanding Transit to Success of of Stronghold Engineering Inc.

In an interview with Beverly Bailey, she states that her husband`s truck totaling during her maternity leave was a blessing to them. She had been dreading her job as a loan officer and was not looking forward to going there. The couple used the insurance money as capital for the Continue Reading