Alexander Payne

Alexander Payne is a director who knows his business, and he loves giving back to the community. His films have a timeless quality, and he’s always up for a challenge. He’s directed Ying-yin Park, Mandy Moore, and Tom Hanks. And now he’s going to be the director of my film. Continue Reading

Dfinity Bolsters Privacy

Privacy online means protection from intruders. This includes ads, surveillance, tracking, data usage and other abuses. The idea of online privacy is central to the blockchain of the Internet Computer. Dfinity USA founded the Internet Computer as a tool for the future that could be scaled and used on decentralized Continue Reading


LifeWave is an online marketing agency that provides creative and strategic marketing services to small businesses and startups. Their team of experienced professionals can help your business grow, reach new heights, and achieve your business goals. Their approach is hands-on, form-factors-function: We work with you to create a unique, and Continue Reading