Kevin Seawright Lays Out His Tips For New Homeowners

Kevin Seawright is using his expertise to help first-time home buyers. Seawright is the Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of the City of Newark Economic Development Corporation. He’s also the founder of RPS Solutions LLC. It’s safe to say that Seawright knows a thing or two about homeownership. Continue Reading

 Kevin Seawright Leads First-Time Buyers to Homeowneship

The path to homeownership is not an easy one to navigate in the 21st-century. Kevin Seawright and his partners at RPS Solutions of Baltimore, Maryland, have been moving forward with several programs designed to assist first-time buyers. Whether you are an experienced angel investor, such as , or not, Seawright Continue Reading

James Gutierrez Explains the Options Provided by Financial Technology in the Financial Sector

Financial technology is something that seems to be currently changing most of the industries in the world. This is something that most business organizations have already incorporated into their daily business activities as they go a long way in providing a solution to some major issues that most people have Continue Reading

A Bio for Chad Price

Chad Price has always had a passion for helping people. In 2014, he started the company Mako to offer affordable lab results for the healthcare system. According to, the idea for the company started as a desire to fill a void in the healthcare system. Since 2014, the company Continue Reading

What Haroldo Jacobovicz Knows About Business Profitability

Every business owner starts an organization with the hopes of making profits immediately. This is the perception that every other young business owner is using to venture into the world of business. However, as Haroldo Jacobovicz has noted, becoming profitable in the business is not the easiest undertaking. There are Continue Reading