Transformation of Dickey Barbecue Restaurant under Laura Rea Dickey

Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant is a family-owned business initially based in Dallas, Texas. The company’s organizational structure was somehow hereditary since the mantle was passed from one generation to another within Dickey’s family. The business started with the great Travis Dickey, who then passed the responsibility through generations to the current Continue Reading

Authors Solutions, The Leading Provider Of Self-Publishing Services To Authors

Author Solutions was initiated in 1997, and it is the top provider of self-publishing services globally. This company has managed to assist almost 250,000 authors from across the globe to publish around 300,000 topics. Author Solutions have helped authors achieve their goals by offering contacts, unlimited resources, and industry insight. Continue Reading

NumbersUSA Puts An End To Immigration Crisis In The United States

The United States government has been trying to curb the issue of immigration until 1996, when Roy Beck formed the NumbersUSA. This is a non-profitable organization that considers immigration from a numbers perspective and gives a solution to control the matter. United State is one of the countries fighting to Continue Reading

Benefits Of Using The QNET Ecommerce Software System

“QNET eCommerce Platform” is a professional eCommerce platform developed by QNET Corporation for efficient eCommerce hosting. It’s one of the most comprehensive and powerful eCommerce solutions available in the marketplace today. With the assistance of this cost-efficient Direct Selling tool, an eCommerce website can rapidly and efficiently grow into a Continue Reading

Chad Price: Mako Medical CEO

Chad Price first had the idea to start his own lab while helping with his special needs sister taking her to countless lab appointments. His company, Mako Medical has achieved staggering growth since its inception as a startup. He’s even now been named CEO of the year. Chad Price is Continue Reading

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