Mahmoud Khattab overview of health in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought several changes in the way people access health. Health experts such as Mahmoud Khattab have been observing several changes that the pandemic has brought. Adoption

Private Equity Insight with Gary McGaghey

Gary Mcgaghey has served in various international companies in different capacities. Also, Gary sits on the Advisory Board for Technomic Partners Inc, where he advises institutional investors who manage more

The Arrow

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Hauser Private Equity Solidifies Igloo Partnership

Hauser Private Equity is proud to announce its partnership with Igloo, the leading cloud-based data management solutions provider. As a global leader in private equity and venture capital, Hauser has made it its mission to find innovative technologies that will improve the way businesses operate. With this partnership, Mark Hauser Continue Reading

A Hero’s Constitution By Kfir Gavrieli, Tieks’ CEO

Business excellence is not for everyone because some people are naturally philanthropic and their lives entail helping others. They make it a way of life because they practice generosity with their properties, time, as well as intelligence. These altruists now have a better chance to work for communities now that Continue Reading

The Story of Dave Antrobus: A Journey from IT Manager to an Award-Winning Executive

On the future of Fresh Thinking Group, Dave Antrobus says it is not about technology but rather people and processes. Fresh Thinking supports businesses with growth initiatives from inception, through to a successfully launched business, where Dave’s contribution to the organization is reflected in his success. This allows for unprecedented Continue Reading

ClassDojo Joins Efforts with PubNub to Deliver Crucial Real-Time Features in Schools

ClassDojo is an efficient education technologies corporation whose app is being used across schools in the US. In a physical setting, a teacher could use almost forty percent of their tutoring time managing students’ behaviors instead of teaching. The disadvantage makes the technique less than effective. As for virtual classrooms, Continue Reading