Transformation of Dickey Barbecue Restaurant under Laura Rea Dickey

Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant is a family-owned business initially based in Dallas, Texas. The company’s organizational structure was somehow hereditary since the mantle was passed from one generation to another within Dickey’s family. The business started with the great Travis Dickey, who then passed the responsibility through generations to the current business holders. Travis Dickey started the business in one location, Dallas. After a successful change in management, Travis’s sons worked harder to ensure that the business grows to a second location out of the state in Denver. The sons maintained the family business footprints to set up their brands in many other locations.

To sustain the growth of the family business course, Dickey’s family saw it wise to introduce a corporate structure. A group called the Dickey capital group has been formed to oversee all the family’s businesses. Roland became the group’s Chief executive officer, and Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant had Laura Rea as the CEO. Even though Dickey’s family is at the top in the business industry, the family has been looking for other new opportunities to ensure proper growth and a constant cash flow. However, the company has been faced with different challenges, such as Coronavirus and other branding defects.

Background Information

Laura Rea, a Dallas-based executive, has been the driving force in transforming the informational view of the company. She went to Texas University for her first undergraduate degree located in Fort Worth. Laura Rea then started her career in a design firm, Murray brown group. She used her skills and experience to ensure that the company’s identity and branding are recognized at a regional, national and local scale. She got involved in the company’s business in 2009, where she started with a consulting role. As a consultant, Laura Rea scaled the company’s business portfolio by normalizing communications, marketing, and technology.

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