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Inventory control is tedious in most manufacturing companies and organizations. The majority of them have been yearning for amicable solutions that will help them improve their services as they move into the future. Even though there have been attempts by innovative firms to provide solutions, only a few achieved that. But thanks to Data Systems International for always remaining innovative and offering practical solutions to various organizations.

About DSI

The company is in Kansas City. It has been reputable for empowering organizations with visibility of the supply chain from storage to the field. The team’s knowledge of developing the first mobile applications and supply chain is why they have amicable solutions.

It will start offering integration of its Cloud Inventory and Field Inventory Management solutions. The best aspect of the two inventions is that they provide a Salesforce Customer Relationship Management platform.

Salesforce brings customers to the world’s number one platform-Customer relationship platform. Besides, the company helps other companies’ IT, marketing, commerce, service, and Sales teams. As such, they allow their customers to access the services they need. The platform allows its users the implementation of field inventory applications.

They integrate files captured, tools, and inventory involved alongside accurate data on the equipment. It also captures tickets in the field, thus advantageous compared to other tools. DSI and CRM work side by side to enhance service delivery. To improve the field services side of CRM, DSI offers its field inventory application integration. It’s accessible to Salesforce users. Refer to this article for additional information.

Cloud Inventory Management

Better Cloud Inventory is ideal for every firm. A sound system will allow teams to monitor the location and authenticity of the available inventory in real-time. The best aspect of it is that Field Inventory Management does not stop at that. It also helps in monitoring finished goods, whether in the field or warehouse.

Continued innovation and invention will make major processes in most manufacturing and service firms effective and efficient. They signal that the firms’ future will remain bright.


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