The Story of Dave Antrobus: A Journey from IT Manager to an Award-Winning Executive

Dave AtrobusOn the future of Fresh Thinking Group, Dave Antrobus says it is not about technology but rather people and processes. Fresh Thinking supports businesses with growth initiatives from inception, through to a successfully launched business, where Dave’s contribution to the organization is reflected in his success. This allows for unprecedented scope in product development, research and analysis and service offerings.

Problems facing entrepreneurs and how Fresh Thinking can help: Dave says that the entrepreneurs that work at Fresh Thinking Group are the most talented of any he has worked with. They have the vision and drive necessary to succeed and understand their customers better than almost anyone else. However, there are still many issues that entrepreneurs will struggle to overcome. These are numerous, but Dave believes the most common are: the need to scale, the time commitment, and the fear of failure.

Dave Antrobus is a member of the Financial Services Trade and Investment Board and a former chairman of the Financial Reporting Council. In this time he has also advised the World Bank, the UK Treasury and the Cabinet Office. David sits on several public boards, is a non-executive director at Swinton Group and was previously on the Council of the CBI, has a longstanding interest in poverty reduction, and has been a committee member of the Department for International Development and Chairman of the Royal Opera House.

Fresh Thinking Group focuses on:

  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Management consulting
  • Fund raising and capital raising
  • Digital solutions
  • Community services

At the heart of this is technology. Dave Antrobus: We are very much at the cutting edge and as a result, we have to be, so we are pioneering a new way of working – collaboration with all stakeholders and their needs. We are doing the same for digital services and we aim to do this across our international network of 20 hubs. At Fresh Thinking Group, we live, breathe and create technology to help our clients thrive.

The Story of this Conference is, or course, the inspiring story of digital transformation and innovation in South Africa. Dave Antrobus: What we have achieved so far with technology is a unique achievement for any country in Africa. It is also an inspiration for all. That, in itself, is a great story. The challenge is how to continue this kind of success story in South Africa and how to create a virtuous cycle that stimulates further digital investment and even more innovation.

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