Simon Denyer: What Has Japan Gained by Hosting the Current Olympics?

How will Japan gain after hoisting the past global Olympics? This is a major issue of concern that Simon Denyer has been trying to put across in a Washington Post. It is clear that there have been many challenges that the country faced during this period, which could have watered down all the efforts it had incorporated to ensure that it was recording and fulfilling its important role of hosting the event.

In view of Simon Denyer, it is very hard to get some positives. However, for those who have already read the Washington Post, it is obvious that there have been some major advantages that the country will gain in years to come. Such advantages will be very effective in ensuring that the country is able to handle some of the complex issues that are likely to emerge in the years to come.

For example, everyone in the world today acknowledges that Japan played a very critical role in holding the current events. Almost every other country in the world would have argued against the aspect of holding such events due to the global pandemic. However, Japan did not have any arguments but went ahead and decided to hold the event without some challenges. In the future, Simon Denyer notes that the world will reward this country with such events at a time when everyone will be demanding them.

Also, Simon Denyer illustrates that the country has been able to generate some revenues through the millions of people who streamed into the country to witness such events. Obviously, there are very many challenges that the country has faced during this period. It has used more money than what it has already generated. However, there are very many individuals who visited this country, and others will continue to visit in some years to come.

Simon Denyer’s: Twitter.

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