Sam Jejurikar M.D.: An Expert in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

There are multiple renowned plastic surgeons globally. Before settling on a specific surgeon, it would be wise to conduct thorough research on the best specialists either by using referrals or going through customer reviews. Sam Jejurikar M.D. is a globally renowned plastic surgeon based in Dallas, Texas. The member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute has certification for his expertise. Guided by his diehard urge to offer outstanding services to his clients, Jejurikar underwent extensive training in plastic and cosmetic surgery. He has hands-on experience in all body parts plastic surgery, including nose, breasts, face, skin, and body.

To achieve your body goals, it would be wise to hire Sam Jejurikar’s services. Since it’s evident that buttocks give one a perfect figure, keeping them in shape is the goal of every lady. For curvaceous outer thighs, Jejurikar offers a detailed mommy makeover surgery. The surgery involves transferring fat from undesired parts like the stomach and abdomen to the buttocks in a process known as liposuction. Healing takes time, but after three weeks, you will have recovered much after which Sam Jejurikar advises his clients to abstain from heavy activities and workouts for a sooner full recovery.

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