Ross Levinsohn

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is an American media and technology executive, entrepreneur, businessman and advocate for the advancement of technology in the broadcast communications industry. Levinsohn had much success as an entrepreneur directly after earning a bachelor’s degree in broadcast communications. He and another graduate of American University’s program founded a production company. Once they sold it, Levinsohn moved along to an opportunity at Time Warner Sports, followed by another at SportsLine.

Levinsohn’s interest in technology and its intersection with communications drove his acceptance of a position at Alta Vista in 1999. He played a big role in its plans to launch a portal. By 2001, Levinsohn was recruited by Fox Interactive Sports Media. This resulted in his first position as a CEO in 2004. Over the years, Levinsohn has served as a CEO, managing partner or president at dozens of organizations, including the Tribune Company of Chicago, the Los Angeles Times and Boston Consulting Group. He also held executive positions at Fuse Capital and Scout Productions.

At Guggenheim Interactive Media, Ross Levinsohn oversaw dozens of online properties, including The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard Magazine, and Ad Week. This experience showed him how important digital advertising was, and he co-founded 5to1, a digital ad company. His co-founding partner, James Heckman, would prove to be a key contact in Levinsohn’s future. They sold their agency to Yahoo, and Levinsohn served as its Americas president and its interim CEO.

In 2019, Heckman contacted Levinsohn with a fresh opportunity. Heckman had gone on to found Maven Inc. Over a decade, Maven bought more than 300 online and printed publications. Its newly acquired Sports Illustrated division needed an executive, and Heckman wanted Levinsohn to fill the role. Levinsohn’s experience at Fox Interactive Sports Media, Tribune and Guggenheim Interactive Media made him the best choice to advance the culture and range of the publication.

After nearly a decade of running Maven, Heckman decided to step down in 2020. He chose Ross Levinsohn as the organization’s new CEO. Levinsohn assumed his new role at Maven in August 2020, and he has spent the past months expanding its journalism and marketing.

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