Professional Pursuits of Professor Chris Brummer

It isn’t every day we discover that somebody is able to combine the beautiful complexity of entrepreneurship with the importance and challenging structures of law enforcement. That’s because not many people can. This is what sets Dr. Chris Brummer apart from many professors of law and investment. Dr. Chris Brummer is a professor of Law at the Institute of International Economic Law in Georgetown. He is also the founder of, a site that focuses heavily on marketing and international law. 

Professor Chris Brummer graduated from law school with honors, and still continues to expand and project his knowledge of simultaneous law enforcement and marketing to eager learners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Professor Chris Brummer also focuses his attention on the positive ways that technology has affected the way law enforcement operates in every department. 

Since his graduation in 2009, Dr. Chris Brummer has taught at several institutions and events, including Vanderbilt Law School and London School of Economics. Dr. Chris Brummer continues to teach his passion to this day, and encourages people to take part in learning about law enforcement and entrepreneurship. 

He has taught and shared his opinion on helping governments better understand and respond to new changes, as well as conquering and accepting any challenges that might be thrown in their direction. He has also written a number of books on the subject and received high critical acclaim, also winning a few awards for his works along the way. Dr. Brummer still enjoys teaching about law as much as he did when he started his political journey.

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