Philanthropic Pursuits of the Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger

Matthew FleegerFleeger, a Texas-based entrepreneur, is the CEO of Dallas energy company Gulf Coast Western. He is a known oil and gas tycoon. Over the last forty years, the company has recorded a double-digit growth rate.

The Charity Foundation and Its Activities

Throughout his career, he has been known for being a charitable person. Keller’s Foundation is one of the many NGO’s that benefit from philanthropy of Matthew Fleeger through his high-profile firm, Gulf Coast Western. In January 2021, in partnership with Sadie Keller’s charitable foundation, they were mission-driven to provide Christmas joy to kids hospitalized with cancer. They distributed to 11 hospitals around Dallas-Fort Worth and all other health providing facilities in Houston, Austin and five other states ready for help with toys. The fight to this has always been intending to put a smile on the children’s faces and give them hope to keep and continue smiling.

For better help and getting enough resources to run the charity organization, Matthew Fleeger has donated approximately $25,000 and has strived hard to put his company employee’s resources behind the foundation’s primary yearly project. For example, last year, when the pandemic had struck us hard, the company, through its CEO, worked tirelessly and increased the contribution by 25%.

Matthew Fleeger

Another charity work that he involves is the Smile Train organization that deals with putting a smile on children’s faces with cleft palates problems. Texas has a food bank that helps in the food donation program. The company is reported that some of its profits always go to The North Texas Foodbank program. The company, via its CEO, have supported other children related charity support activity including funding medical researches focusing on finding solutions to treat diseases affecting children especially cancer. St. Jude Hospital for kids and Shriners Hospitals are some of the big hospitals that have benefited from Fleeger Company’s charity support. Despite that, the company has supported women who have been survivors of the sex trafficking activity in Magdalene House. With all these, Matthew, Dallas energy company Gulf Coast Western mastermind is known for his charity work throughout his career.

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