Payam Banazadeh Career Background

Payam Banazadeh easily moves crowds with his accomplishments in aerospace. The professional life of the American based leader has always been admirable to others. When the tech entrepreneur stepped his foot into the university, many thoughts were in his mind. The University of Texas was ready to offer the course Payam chose. After several considerations about his passions and goals for the future, Payam Banazadeh settled on doing aerospace, the aeronautical section. The end result was a degree in astronautical engineering. This engineering course was not enough for the business oriented professional. The international market was getting extremely competitive for the individuals who lacked knowledge in business. This realization prompted Payam Banazadeh to quickly get his second Master’s degree dealing with Business and management. This course was very different from the ordinary MBA. While doing this course, Payam Banazadeh specialized in the technicalities of running a company and the behavioral part of it. 


Payam Banazadeh does not just depend on his excellent formal education to perform well in the tough business environment. The chief executive officer performs research perfectly. So far, he has done research in applied sciences and aerospace. During all of these times, he gave out the best outcomes from the research. His best time in research was demonstrated while the business minded leader got a position at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The first time Payam got to this institution, he was only offered a position as an intern. By the time he was offered the position of systems engineer, the executive had performed extremely well in various departments. With major knowledge from NASA, Payam had no hardships coming up with the idea of creating his organization later on in life. His aerospace skills came into play when handling the engineering aspects of the organization. Technology has taken the prestigious organization to very good levels.

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