How Matthew Fleeger Found His Way to the Oil and Gas Sector

GCWGulf Coast Western was founded in 1970 and for years operated in the Gulf Coast region, Central United States. Thanks to the corporate expertise of the company’s president, director, and CEO, Matthew Fleeger, through diversified onshore exploration, the company’s success has maintained above-average investor satisfaction and continued to grow.

Matthew Fleeger joined the company belonging to his father after graduating from SMU in 1986 with a degree in business administration. When he got mentorship in the industry, he deepened his initial experience in marketing and finance. In 1993, Mr. Fleeger founded MedSolutions, Inc., a startup company that serves the healthcare industry by promoting the transportation, treatment, and disposal of medical waste.

MedSolutions has proven successful on Metroplex and has aroused US Titan’s interest in medical waste Stericycle, Inc. In 2007, Matthew Fleeger used his shares and sold them for up to $59 million. Fleeger returned to the oil and gas field in 2009 in the Gulf Coast Western after his father retired. He began to restructure the business and implemented industrial innovations and the latest technology, allowing the company to currently assume managing general oil and gas partnerships (also known as joint ventures).

The firm is currently conducting research and development in more than 140 resource locations in Texas and Louisiana and Mississippi, Alabama, Colorado, and Oklahoma. Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western builds trust by enabling its partners to understand potential risks and opportunities, promote cooperation, conduct ethical management, and increase in-depth industry expertise.


Mr. Fleeger’s corporate skills have been extended to philanthropic partnerships, which proved to have helped individuals and establishments like Sadie Keller Foundation raise $14,000. The company’s firm commitment to community organizations includes Family Home and the American Cancer Society. Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western continues to enlarge its scope, enrich its investors and the public, and has created over a 40-year-old legacy.

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